‘Yada’ is the Hebrew word meaning: to know.  It is the root to over 600 other experiential word that cover the landscape of all that we know emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

‘Om’ is the tuning your own vibration to be able to resonate with the consecrated vibration of the Universe.

YadaOm is the practice of tuning all that you know, and the way that you are known into the quiet rhythms of your life, and experiencing who you were meant to be… no more, no less.

My name is Chadwick Walenga.

My studies include undergraduate work in ministry from Indiana Wesleyan University, and graduate level work at Spring Arbor University.  I specialize in Spiritual Formation and have been ordained since 2003.  Pastoral Counseling has been a forte’ both professionally inside the local church setting as well as independently through out the years.

Thank you for taking time to visit.

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