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Sharing a Blog

I’m looking for 4 other folks to share YadaOm with over the next year.

Think of it as Co-Writers rather than Guest-Writers.

If you are a writer who’s passion tends to lean towards ‘intimacy’… ‘spirituality’… ‘relationships’… ‘simplicity’ and ‘love’ (in any singular or combined form) and are willing to commit to one 300-500 word post per week, please contact me at chadwickwalenga@gmail.com.  When contacting, please supply:

  • a sample of your work pasted in the email, or a link where your work is posted
  • a little background about you
  • and a realistic description of the type of commitment you can make
  • and an idea of where you would like to see writing take you

While I love writing for an audience that is interested in the ‘tags’ mentioned above, realistically, I am only wanting to dedicate one day per week to the topics in a form that is consistent with this site.

Not looking to profit anything other that the sense we are contributing to the conversation in a meaningful and thoughtful way… as well as networking and supporting each others writing endeavors.

It’s that simple.